【Mar.1】IFOM ETS – KU Joint mini-Symposium

We are delighted to announce that we will be holding a mini-symposium, featuring researchers from the AIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology (IFOM ETS), which has an international joint laboratory (IFOM-KU JRL) within the Graduate School of Medicine. This event, co-hosted by Radiation Biology Center, will serve as a satellite symposium of ATW2023(https://atworkshop2023.com/) and will focus on fundamental research on DNA damage response. We hope you will foin us for this exciting opportunity to interact with some of the foremost researchers in the field.

IFOM ETS – KU Joint mini-Symposium/
ATW2023 Satellite mini-Symposium

Date:   March 1, 2023
Time:   13:30 – 15:30
Venue:  Main Auditorium, B-building 3rd Floor, Medical Campus (Infection control measures required)
Target:  Kyoto University (Graduate students, Post-docs, Faculty and Staff)
Registration: Not required
Participation fee: No charge
Language: English

Mechanisms of replication forks protection: the role of DNA recombination proteins
Vincenzo Costanzo, IFOM-ETS

Topological mechanisms mediating intra- and inter-chromosomal interactions
Marco Foiani, IFOM-ETS

The interplay between innate DNA and RNA sensing prevents age-associated cancer initiation
Jan Karlseder (guest speaker), the Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Makoto Hayashi (IFOM-KU JRL, Graduate School of Medicine)
Hiroshi Harada (Radiation Biology Center, Graduate School of Biostudies)]

HAYASHI, Makoto, 075-753-9510, hayashi.makoto.8a@kyoto-u.jp