Q1:How are the graduate school, MIP, and the requirements for completion of each of them related?

A1: As per the standard procedure, you will fulfill the requirements at your graduate school by preparing your graduate thesis in accordance with the rules of your graduate school. Completion of MIP occurs by completing the required training (see Q5) and earning credits for the specified subjects in 5 (or 4) years.

Q2:What can I do in MIP?

A2:MIP is, in principle, a 5-year program. The timing for enrollment in the program is 1) the first year in a master’s course, 2) the first year in a doctorate course (which follows a master’s course), or 3) the first or second year of a 4-year doctorate course. During the first and second years in MIP, you will be trained to improve your practical ability to complete your doctorate course while taking “Core Medical Education Courses.” During the third to fifth years in MIP, you will be mainly engaged in research work. You will either develop a plan for interdisciplinary research or work on an internship in Japan or abroad, under the supervision of the supervisor in your graduate school. MIP will cover a portion of the expenses.

Q3:Is there any financial support for MIP students?

A3:There is a system for providing Research Assistant (RA) compensation to students selected for MIP in a doctorate course or in a 4-year doctorate course. The compensation is approximately 120,000 yen per month. There are certain criteria which must be met in order to receive this compensation.

※The details of this financial support are subject to change. Please see the program’s website for the most current information.

Q4:Is there any support for the career development after completion of MIP?

A4: MIP is designed to produce doctoral graduates who are active in not only academia but companies. Upon request from students, the program will organize company tours, company briefings, internships, or other events.

Q5:I am interested in MIP. What procedure do I need to follow for enrollment?

A5:The selection process for the program is as follows:

  1. Submission of application and required documents
  2. Examination of documents (interview as needed)
  3. Announcement of selection results
  4. Commencement of MIP

If you are interested in applying, please see the program’s website, download the required forms, and submit the application and necessary documents by the deadline. submission can be made by postal mail.
For submission, the signature of your current supervisor is required.

Q6:Do I have to transfer to another graduate school?

A6:You are not required to transfer. You will be enrolled in MIP while still belonging to your original graduate school.

Q7:How much time is required for MIP?

A7: The lectures provided by MIP would take a few hours per week, on average. In addition to attending the lectures, you will be required to participate in the events or other activities of MIP.

Q8:Do I need to prepare a thesis on an original research theme specifically for MIP?

A8:The requirements for completion of the program do not include preparation of a thesis, although submission of some reports or other projects is required depending on the lectures and exercises in the program.

Q9:What is the role of mentor?

A9:Mentor will give you advice or provide consultation regarding the work you are going to be engaged in during MIP. Specifically, their main roles are to give advice on research exchange and monitor research progress in the Graduate Education Courses. The direct instruction on the research conducted for the degree will still be given by the supervisor in the original graduate school.