【Nov.15】ASHBi-MIP English Presentation Seminar

ASHBi-MIP English Presentation Seminar

MIP, in collaboration with ASHBi, a WPI base, is pleased to announce a joint presentation training session aimed at improving presentation skills in English.

ASHBi’s international team of researchers will evaluate your English presentation skills and provide individual guidance. This is an opportunity to review your strengths and areas for improvement, and gain more confidence in your English presentation skills!

In addition, three ASHBi researchers will introduce their research and laboratories to the audience, so please consider this as a career option.

Outline of the event

Oral Session: Oral presentations of about 5 minutes with 5 or 6 slides (about 7 persons)
Poster Session: Free talk with 5 or 6 slides (about 20 people, total 45 minutes)


November 15, 2022 (Tuesday)

Seminar Room on the ground floor of Science Frontier Laboratory Bldg., Kyoto University (MAP-16)

Agenda (tentative)

13:00Opening remarksProfessor Dr. Dai Watanabe
13:05~13:50Introduction of ASHBi researchDr. Chih-Yang Chen (Isa G)
Dr. Rio Tsutsumi (Eiraku G)
Dr. Moyra Lawrence(Taku Yamamoto G)
13:55~15:00Oral Session
15:00~15:45Poster Session
15:45~15:55Best Presentation Award Ceremony
15:55~16:00Closing RemarksProfessor Dr. Shinobu Suzuki


[Registration Deadline]
31 October (Monday) for Oral Session and Poster Session
11 November (Friday) for attendance only


If you have any inquiry regarding this seminar, please contact:
Email: salon@mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp